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The 1000Kms Route,Uganda is land locked in the centre of Africa

To persuade people to part with their money we cycled 1,000 kilometres in Uganda for 3 Weeks, starting on the 19th January 2012. The trip involved extensive planning and a comprehensive 6 month fitness programme, in the midst of sorting out our equipment and making final decisions about the best route.

'Along the way we climbed above 2,500 metres, over mountains higher than Ben Nevis and Snowdon put together'

Time constraints and the security situation did not allow us to cycle the whole of Uganda (thankfully!) so we flew into Entebbe airport and drove to our starting point at Kabala. Our initial route took us close to the Rwandan border in the South-West before starting our northward climb along the Democratic Republic of Congo border. The next challenge saw us cycling along the Eastern shores of Lake Albert, before reaching Masindi on the 9th February.

'We travelled further than the straight line distance between Land End and John O'Groats'

Given the 80% humidity and average daytime temperature of 40 degrees the most challenging part of the journey was between Kabale and Lake Edward.

Being rural Uganda, our living conditions were pretty basic so we did not have much comfort after a hard day's cycling. We camped and stay in settlements along the route.

Roads Lyn and Imogen may encounter - Click for Photo Gallery


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