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The Kooki ELSE Centre today  

Kooki Primary School currently doesn't have any walls. There aren't any desks; it has a mud floor and the nearest water is 1.5 km away. Five children share each book, there hasn't been any teacher training & 57 children each share one stance latrine (hole in ground).

Our fundraising target of £50,000 will provide a brick built school building, 3 classrooms, a sanitation block, a library and all the books, all school furniture, teaching equipment and teacher training needed for the next 2 years. Allowing an additional 300 children to go to school on top of the 171 who currently attend.

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Clapton Edinance Irine Joshua

Name of school: Kooki, Masindi, Uganda.          (Ugandan primary education explained ...view)

The school was founded by the community and Action AID international in 2002 in a bid to rid children of the village from travelling long distances to nearby primary schools especially the ones in lower primary. The school has a total acreage of 5 acres for its future development. Currently Kooki ELSE centre has an enrolment of 171 pupils; 94 girls and 77 boys. In 2008 the school had an enrolment of 319 pupils. The drastic fall in enrolment was attributed to the burning of a temporary structure which forced parents to send their children to other schools. The school has five streams from P1 to P5. Community participation in school is moderate. Parents contribute funds to pay the teachers and continually participate in the construction of semi-permanent structures that the school has, when they need re-thatching.

Classroom blocks Latrine stances Teacher's quarters Administration block Library
None 4 (ratio 1:57) None None None
At least 2 permanent classroom blocks are needed One 5 stance VIP is needed to cater for pupils since they now share 4 stances with the teachers One block of 5 units needed to house the teachers A Head Teacher’s office, staff room and an inventory store are required One needed as the school develops in future

Kooki ELSE centre has an enrolment of 171 children; (94 girls and 77 boys). Many of the children come from families who cannot afford taking their children to far away schools due to a lack of school dues or the children being too young to travel long distances.
Three quarters of the registered children attend school every day. Half of the 171 children attend school during peaks of the harvesting and planting season of tobacco and sunflower.

  P 1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 P7

Boys      Girls

Boys     Girls Boys     Girls Boys     Girls Boys      Girls Boys      Girls Boys      Girls
No. of pupils 29         38 19        24 12        12 10        13 7           7 0           0 0           0

The school has 4 teachers who have no specialized training in education. This is an area of support that the District Education Department has to address once it takes full government sponsorship. The centre only has one teacher on government pay roll. The rest of the teachers are paid by the community. Teacher to pupil ratio is 1:42 which is adequate for overall supervision of classroom work.
No: Names Position Qualification Gender
1 Kulaba Monica Head Teacher Secondary level 3 Female
2 Isingoma Edson Teacher Secondary level 4 Male
3 Muhumuza Charles Teacher Secondary level 4 Male
4 Baguma Jackson Teacher Secondary level 4 Male

The school has an ELSE management team comprised of seven community members. They take on the role of financial and development planning, mobilizing parents and holding school staff accountable for the quality of work they do at school.
No. Name Position Role
1 Rwolekya Patrick Chairman Heads the school management team and chairs meetings.
2 Bamzariirwe Lucy Secretary Records and keeps minutes of school meetings and chairs school management
meetings in the absence of the chairperson.
3 Asaaba Harriet Treasurer Keeps the school books of accounts and reports on financial status of the institution
4 Katusabe Florence Member Attends meetings & does other work assigned by the committee
5 Kaawa Bernard Member Attends meetings & does other work assigned by the committee
6 Isingoma Matthew Member Attends meetings & does other work assigned by the committee
7 Kaawa Monica Member Attends meetings & does other work assigned by the committee

Supply Number of items Adequacy
Text books  59 Inadequate
Text books to pupil ratio 1:5 Inadequate
Number of desks 33 benches Desks required
Desk to pupil ratio None Inadequate
Teaching and learning displays Few (No walls to hang them) Inadequate
Sports equipment None Inadequate
Drama equipment None Inadequate
First aid box None Inadequate
Water source (tank, bore hole) Borehole 1.5km away from the school Inadequate

o Infrastructure and sanitation
o Limited community contribution to child welfare, lunch and scholastic materials
o Child labour during planting and harvest seasons leading to absenteeism
o Lack of teacher capacity in the teaching and learning field

o Infrastructure and sanitation facilities
o Enhancing community participation in education and school development
o Transformation to UPE status and acquiring school facilitation grants
o Continuous development courses for teachers especially in thematic curriculum

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